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avatar for AmirulAmirul

Amirul can be found at coffee shops, bookstores & clothing stores. Bonus if they intertwine tradition and modernity. He’ll stay longer!

avatar for AnonymousAnonymous

Anonymous are the ones who wish to keep it low-key.

avatar for Chiong LunChiong Lun

Going to tekong and hustling to earn $100k in 2 years.

avatar for Daniel FooDaniel Foo

Daniel is constantly observing and searching out new experiences. He thrives in innovative environments and hopes to enable others to achieve their goals.

avatar for Jacob ThamJacob Tham

Friendly NSF serving my nation as an Artilleryman in the SAF

avatar for Jonas NgohJonas Ngoh

Jonas Ngoh loves to give advice based on his experiences. Feel free to talk to him!

avatar for Josh CuaJosh Cua

Soldier 🪖 on weekdays, explorer 🗺 on weekends

avatar for LawrenceLawrence

Lawrence writes about topics he thinks about too much but never talks about. That's why it's always a surprise.

avatar for RarefyiRarefyi

Rarefyi is a place where everyone can share their experiences, life stories, tips, mistakes, and advice. Share your story and get featured!

avatar for TyraTyra

Tyra is a casual blogger who writes about life experiences and her hopes for the future. A big fan of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s ‘La Petit Prince’. Her favourite quote from the book is “All grown-ups were once children…but only few of them remember it.” Looking forward is a part of life but one must not forget their past. A down to earth, self-proclaimed counsellor, writer and friend.

avatar for Umar RashidUmar Rashid

SEO enthusiast

avatar for Wei JunWei Jun

Wei Jun is an emerging writer. You can expect many different types of articles written by him. He does not stick to a specific type of writing style but you can expect many articles written in a different format with the sole purpose of making you enjoy reading the article written by him.

avatar for Zhu ZiruiZhu Zirui

You can talk to Zirui about anything! From skydiving to chess, from investing to video game... Bring it on!

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