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Everyone possess a huge wealth of knowledge, after going through their own experiences, both good and bad. We encourage people from all walks of life to come together and share their life stories, experiences, tips, mistakes, and advice.

With so many guides on the internet, you don’t even know who to follow. We believe in real experiences from real people. Real people who’ve been there done that give their sincere advice on our platform.

If you’re the type that enjoys guides and believes that you should be better prepared for your next endeavour, we have the platform for you.

It brings us joy to know that once an article is published by our Rarefyi-ans, many people can learn from it continuously.


We wish to provide timely information and advice to you, preparing you with vast knowledge and options so that you can make more informed choices.


To be the go-to platform for you to share your personal experiences. 

It is through sharing what we know that we solidfy our life’s lessons. You too, can be heard by like-minded individuals and positively impact others by sharing your experiences/stories/guides.

We hope that you’ll take-away something of value every time you visit us!

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