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7 Ways You Can Build Your Portfolio in School

Image: Firmbee Before I entered Polytechnic, I’ve been told to study hard and get a good Grade Point Average (GPA). I realised later that GPA is only one component, that building a portfolio in school is equally important.  A strong portfolio can make you stand out from the crowd by emphasising your strengths and experiences….

Is GPA Important? Do This If You Have a Low GPA

Image: energepic I’m sure most of us grew up thinking that only by doing well academically can we become successful in the future.  In schools, we are taught to ace exams with flying colours, and failures are frowned upon.  But is having a good Grade Point Average (GPA) all that important? The Point of Having…

Keeping Up With Your Ever-changing Passion

Image: Ian Schneider “Pasion is my middle name” This statement sounds asinine at first but it’s literally true. (My name’s Lawrence Pasion Caisip) It’s almost always followed by an air of awkwardness before I have to explain the joke to the interview panel.  In retrospect, it’s a good thing that I stopped saying that on…

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